Sam Hui - God of Cantonese Pop Songs (歌神)

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Samuel Hui Koon-kit, 許冠傑 (born 6 September 1948 in Hong Kong), usually known as Sam Hui, is a Hong Kong Cantopop singer, lyricist and film actor. He is credited with popularizing Cantopop both with the infusion of Western-style music and using popular, street Cantonese jargon in his lyrics writing. Hui is considered by some to be the first major superstar of Cantopop.

Widely acclaimed as the "God of Song" in Hong Kong, he decided to come out of retirement in 2004 and held multiple come-back concerts in which he was welcomed by a Hong Kong public and sell-out shows. In these concerts, he paid tribute to the recent passing of close colleagues, Leslie Cheung and Anita Mui in 2003 and claimed that their deaths had influenced his decision to come out of retirement, culminating in his comeback song in 2004 with '04 Bless You. Hui performed in a concert in Kuala Lumpur on 19 and 20 February 2005 with his brother Ricky and sons and his brother Ricky Hui but has not made active plans for any follow-ups. He also performed in Vancouver on 15 December 2005 and in Singapore on 29 March 2008. In 2007, Hui signed with EC Music and released his first album in 17 years, named "Life is Good" (人生多麼好).

雙星情歌 1974 (Watch Video)

制水歌 1974  (Watch Video)

鐵塔凌雲 1974 (Watch Video1, Watch Video2)

加價熱潮 1974 (Watch Video)

鬼馬雙星 1974 (Watch Video)

天才与白痴 1975 (Watch Video)

半斤八兩 1976 (Watch Video)

打雀英雄傳 1976 (Watch Video)

浪子心聲 1976 (Watch Video)

梨涡浅笑 1976 (Watch Video)

夜半輕私語 1976 (Watch Video)

追求三部曲 1976 (Watch Video)

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錢錢錢 1977 (Watch Video)

賣身契 1978 (Watch Video1,  Watch Video2,)

財神到 1978 (Watch Video)

麻雀耍樂 1978 (Watch Video)

印象 1978 (Watch Video)

世事如棋 1978 (Watch Video)

杯酒當歌 1978 (Watch Video)

锡晒你 1979 (Watch Video)

何日再相逢 1979 (Watch Video)

尖沙咀Susie 1980 (Watch Video)

搵野做 1980 (Watch Video)

學生哥 1981 (Watch Video)

纸船 1982 (Watch Video)

最佳拍档 1982 (Watch Video)

心裡日記 1985 (Watch Video)

心思思 1986 (Watch Video1, Watch Video2)

沉默是金 1986 (Watch Video)

日本娃娃 1987 (Watch Video)

宇宙無限 1987 (Watch Video)

愛情保險 1987 (Watch Video)

阿郎戀曲 1989 (Watch Video, Audio Only)

滄海一聲笑 1990 (Watch Video)

人生多麼好 2007 (Watch Video)